The Peninsula Carols

The Peninsula Carols

Sunday 9th December 2018

Strontian Village Hall – 7pm

An Advent Celebration looking forward to Christmas

Everybody Welcome

Organised by local churches

At the Peninsula Carols there will be an opportunity to contribute towards the cost of equipment to resource PlayList for Life at Dailmhor Nursing Home.  Playlist for life taps into a recognised phenomenon: personally meaningful music has the ability to improve life for people living with dementia, their families and their carers.  Music is good fun, stimulating, creative and helps to build mental resilience and manage the symptoms of dementia.  In addition to gifts of money, Dailmhor Nursing Home would welcome the gift of any iPods or MP3 players – perhaps you have upgraded and have some older equipment which could be put to this helpful use.  You can find out more about PlayList for Life at