Bi-Monthly Meeting of Church Leaders

Every two months Church leaders from around the peninsula gather together at the Ariundle Centre in Strontian to catch up of all that’s happening around the various church communities. Shared events are planned, Resources and ideas shared, and fellowship enjoyed along with tea, coffee and baking at the Ariundle!

The Peninsula Carols

The Peninsula Carols

Sunday 9th December 2018

Strontian Village Hall – 7pm

An Advent Celebration looking forward to Christmas

Everybody Welcome

Organised by local churches

At the Peninsula Carols there will be an opportunity to contribute towards the cost of equipment to resource PlayList for Life at Dailmhor Nursing Home.  Playlist for life taps into a recognised phenomenon: personally meaningful music has the ability to improve life for people living with dementia, their families and their carers.  Music is good fun, stimulating, creative and helps to build mental resilience and manage the symptoms of dementia.  In addition to gifts of money, Dailmhor Nursing Home would welcome the gift of any iPods or MP3 players – perhaps you have upgraded and have some older equipment which could be put to this helpful use.  You can find out more about PlayList for Life at

Christmas Pictures

Once again local churches invite Nursery and Primary children to draw or paint a Christmas Picture. this should be on A4 size paper or card and on the back should be, name, class and school. Entries should be with Rev Donald McCorkindale or Rev Fiona Ogg by 15th November.

One picture will be chosen to be on the front cover of De tha Dol, and others may be used in other church publicity for Advent and Christmas Events.

All entries will be displayed at the Peninsula Carols, Strontian Hall, Sunday 9th December, 7pm.

Some previous years’ pictures…

Meet your MSPs

Meet Your MSP


On Thursday 18th August the Peninsula Churches organized an event Meet Your MSP.  Kate Forbes (SNP) and John Finnie (Green) were there.(Other list MSPs had sent apologies, with some expressions of hope that they may be able to attend any future events. 

There was a wide-ranging discussion starting from the point that in the past the church was a major provider of public services, currently it is government at various levels but there seems to be a move to more local community involvement, and church is very much involved at that level.  Perhaps, in the current climate of austerity, there is a combination of the right people in the right place at the right time who are able and willing to explore and be involved in the provision of eg schools needed by local communities; using local knowledge and finances leads to what is termed as ‘community empowerment’.  


Although the majority of Scotland’s population lives in urban areas and pay a large percentage of the country’s tax bill there can be a lack of acknowledgement of the reliance on income from industries based in rural and remote areas.  The country relies on rural areas for production of food and drink, for power from renewable energies and one of Scotland’s main exports, whisky.  There is an interdependence that can be overlooked by centralized government. Community empowerment is a reminder that one-size-fits-all policies are not necessarily appropriate, particularly in the context of the provision of services on the peninsula.  


Topics discussed in more detail included

education, especially the project to build a new primary school in Strontian, the adequate financing of the Ardnamurchan High School so that a wide range of subjects can be provided to suit the expectations of pupils and parents.

health care with access to specialists being a priority.

Short-termism with a concern that Highland Council focuses resources in Inverness with distant regions, like the peninsula, receiving only minimum resources.  Highland Council’s policies appear to have no concern for providing services which will leave a legacy for the community


Overall, this was a successful meeting and it is hoped, in the future, to have more opportunities to meet.  Thanks were expressed to all who joined in.